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We are an internationally oriented Faculty of Business Administration that feels part of the European educational tradition as part of a comprehensive university. We provide space for excellent research, for innovative teaching and for the future-oriented implementation of knowledge. Our research centres form the starting point for our study programmes and the basis for cooperation with regional, European and international partners.

In detail, this means for us:

  • In our research, we distinguish ourselves through internationally recognised research achievements that contribute to the sustainable development of society, companies and institutions.
  • In our study and further education programmes, we train professionally excellent, critically and globally thinking as well as responsibly acting personalities.
  • In cooperation with our partners, we develop an international knowledge network between science and entrepreneurial practice.
  • In our actions within the faculty, we are guided by the principles of responsible and sustainable leadership and development.

Mission statement teaching

Studying at our Faculty of Business Administration will enable you to deal responsibly with complex socio-economic issues. As part of the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, we are a place of constantly renewing, diverse knowledge with social relevance. Our globalised economy offers diverse opportunities and produces complex problem situations. The guiding question of science - Is there an alternative? - brings our society the necessary diversity of perspectives so that we can make better use of the opportunities and solve the complex socio-economic problems in a more sustainable way. Therein lies the meaning of university education - a clear 'added value' beyond a good education.

What do we offer you?

  • Freedom to develop your personality on your own responsibility
  • Flexible curriculum to cover your interests
  • Support for largely self-determined learning through stimulating input, challenging learning objectives and feedback on academic performance,
  • Integration into quality management to ensure high teaching quality.
  • Support in the development of your competences
  • Acquisition of professional competence in theories, concepts, methods, instruments and terminology,
  • Development of problem-solving competence in the sense of theoretically reflective practitioners,
  • Social competence development through exchange with lecturers and students as well as stays abroad.
  • Research-led teaching
  • Culture of discussion about existing and future significant knowledge,
  • State-of-the-art international academic research,
  • Different ways of imparting knowledge with different didactic approaches.

What do we expect from you?

Curiosity and commitment, i.e. the willingness to get involved with new things, to perform required learning tasks and to actively expand one's own horizons,

Responsible and reflective use of the acquired competences and the associated knowledge,

sharpening of a critical attitude and critical faculties towards oneself and others.

We wish you successful studies!

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