Welcome to the Fac­ulty of Busi­ness and Management. Here you will find relevant information about the mission statement, the organisation, the study programme as well as research and further career opportunities.

The Faculty of Business and Management is a young faculty which is embedded in the more than 300 year old University of Innsbruck. Founded in 2004 as one of the successors of the former Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, the faculty is now an aspiring, regionally based and internationally oriented institution for management education and research.

In our teaching programs as well as in our research centres we are preparing students and performing research to meet the challenges of a rapidly developing and highly interdependent world. Therefore, we place at the centre of our activities research on economic, political, ethical and social conditions and outcomes of activities within organizations as well of activities of organizations. In our study programs and teaching practice we aim for educating professionally and ethically responsible and innovative managers and leaders. In our cooperation with our partners from business as well as from other organizations we are striving to translate our research-based knowledge into practical concepts and local solutions.

A specific strength lies in the close relation between research and teaching in our masters programs. Each masters program is interconnected with a formally established research center or a research group. This guarantees that our master students will always have the opportunity to encounter leading edge research in the respective fields during their studies. Moreover, the research centers provide high quality content for our study programs.

Whatever the reason you are interested in our Faculty of Business and Management – studying, research contacts, working with us – let me assure you that we provide an exciting place to stay. The faculty resides in a new and modern building with excellent infrastructure and is located just a five minute walk from Innsbruck's historic center which dates back to the 12th century. Moreover, we are surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Alps which not only provide a beautiful sight but also an abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities – hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing etc. Not least, Innsbruck is located at the heart of Europe with excellent travel connections.

I invite you to explore our website and hope to see you at our faculty eventually!

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Annette Ostendorf


As the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Business and Management, I invite you to engage in an intellectual journey with us – a journey that helps you to acquire knowledge and important skills, that exposes you to the world of academia and that allows you to meet new people and develop friendships.

At the Faculty of Business and Management, we put much emphasis on challenging our students, but also on caring for them. We offer a learning environment in which students can have close contact to each other and to our faculty. We expect students to be active participants in the learning process and to contribute their ideas, questions and critical remarks. After all, university education is not only about learning the “tools of the trade” but aims at a broader intellectual development. 

Our portfolio of studies consists of a Bachelor program in Management and Economics; six specialized Master programs; a Diploma program in International Economic and Business Studies as well as a PhD Program in Management. Our faculty members play an active role in their research communities – some of them are leading figures in their fields – and entertain close relationships with the business world. Our teaching is inspired by findings from research but also by an awareness of the practical demands that our graduates face when they enter the working world.

Last but not least, Innsbruck and its surroundings constitute an ideal environment not only for learning and contemplating, but also for relaxing, distracting, and enjoying.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mike Peters,
Dean of Studies

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