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Limits of Europeanness? Contested Notions of Difference and Belonging (16th - 21st Centuries)




Fourteenth Annual Conference of the Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe

Innsbruck University, 6-8 September 2023, Claudiana (Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3)


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Artistic Practices of (Un-)Making Place

University of Innsbruck
23-24 September 2022





Tagung „Afrikaforschung in Österreich: Zugänge und Perspektiven“:



University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
June 17-18, 2019







Slavery (the treatment of humans as chattel) and enslavement through conquest, birth, gender, race, ethnicity, and exploitation of indebtedness have been an intrinsic part of human societies.

Slavery and a variety of other forms of exploitation existed in the ancient societies of China, Egypt, Greece, India, Russia and many other states and territories.   The Transatlantic Slave Trade furnished at least 10 million Africans for slavery throughout the Americas. 

Controversial and contested estimates indicate that up to 40 million people worldwide are enslaved today.   This modern re-emergence of slavery into public view, following legal abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade over two hundred years ago, is said to be linked to the deepening interconnectedness of countries in the global economy, overpopulation, and the economic and other vulnerabilities of individual victims and communities.

The varieties of contemporary forms of exploitation appear to be endless. This interdisciplinary conference will facilitate a multidisciplinary exploration of slavery in all its dimensions.









The programme can be downloaded here.

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The programme can be downloaded here.

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Conference: Returning the Gaze Part II

The conference "Returning the Gaze: Stories of Resistance" kicks off this week with a film screening on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday "Returning the Gaze" offers papers and workshops during the day, and on Friday at 19:00 the play "Weisser Peter" at the Westbahntheater! Check out the website with all the details about the programme and events:

ERIF is proud to announce its second conference Returning the Gaze Part II. Picking up from the first conference – 2014’s Returning the Gaze: Blackface in Europe – the second edition will continue to present a critical view on European racialised imagery, while approaching from a broader angle the departs from only blackface related themes. The programme can be found here.

Part II will be hosted at the University of Innsbruck, Austria on the 4th and 5th November 2016
Organizer: Ulrich Pallua, English Department



International Workshop
The Analysis of Fictional Dialogue in Film and Television Series:
Between Narratology and Pragmatics

Organized by the Department of English and the
Department of American Studies
University of Innsbruck, Austria, 26 – 27 November 2015
Download the programme here.


15th Triennial Conference of EACLALS


Innsbruck, 14-18 April, 2014

Conference Convenor: Helga Ramsey-Kurz
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