Gender Research Day

At our university, scholars across various disciplines within English and American Studies approach gender from different, yet partly overlapping angles in both their research and teaching.

Our first Gender Research Day on 12 January 2024 aims to introduce various approaches to gender in cultural and literary studies, as well as linguistics.

A poster session will spotlight student projects on gender, and in a final panel discussion, we will explore possible synergies across our diverse fields.

Gender Research Day


Geschichte/n des Wohnens: Kulturen, Krisen, Utopien

Internationale Tagung des Forschungszentrums „Kulturen in Kontakt“


24.-27. Januar 2024

Claudiana, Universität Innsbruck



Dorothee Birke (Anglistik), Alena Heinritz (Vergl. Literaturwiss.) und Christoph Singer (Anglistik)



Theatre in the Digital Age

32nd Annual CDE Conference

2-5 May 2024

Grillhof, Innsbruck

Organisation: Dorothee Birke, Anja Hartl, Christoph Singer, Ulrich Pallua, Ines Gstrein

At unprecedented speed, digital technologies have, during the course of our own life times, transformed everyday routines and entered all spheres, from the political to the most intimate. Our conference asks how the theatre – which has always developed alongside, in conjunction with, or against the odds of technological developments – is affected by and has responded to these profound changes. It aims to take stock of the urgency and creativity with which these transformations have been taken up in contemporary Anglophone playwriting and performance. In addition, these entanglements with the digital also pose questions about the very nature of the theatre and call for reflections on its role in the newly emerging media environment.

For more information please visit the conference website.



8th Global Meeting, 13th-15th June, 2024

Experiential components on 14th June, 2024

To be held in person in Vienna, Austria

Proposals should be submitted no later than Thursday Feb 29,2024.

Organization: Ulrich Pallua (Department of English, Innsbruck) and Arno Sonderegger (African Studies, Vienna)


CADS 2024

The Department of English, the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Romance Languages of the Universität Innsbruck are happy to announce the call for papers for the 7th Corpora & Discourse International Conference (#CADS 2024), which will take place from 17 to 19 July 2024.

The Corpora and Discourse International Conference showcases research that combines corpus linguistics and discourse analysis in all forms and under all names. Our key objective is to bring together researchers who are interested in how discourse(s) are structured, patterned, and received and who use corpus linguistics as part of their analyses.

We are delighted to announce our confirmed keynote speakers:

● Paul Baker (Lancaster University, UK)

● Gerlinde Mautner (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria)

● Anatol Stefanowitsch (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

● Rachelle Vessey (Carleton University, Canada)

For further information, please visit

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