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English Dialect Dictionary Online
A New Departure in English Dialectology

Manfred Markus

Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary (1898-1905) is the most comprehensive English dialect dictionary ever written. Over the past ten years, it has been brought to life digitally as a freely available database resource, EDD Online .This book is a comprehensive user guide to EDD Online, showing how to get the most out of this unparalleled resource with step-by-step instructions.

Pathos in Late-Medieval Religious Drama and Art

Gabriella Mazzon

Pathos as Communicative Strategy in Late-Medieval Religious Drama and Art explores the strategies employed to trigger emotional responses in late-medieval dramatic texts from several Western European traditions, and juxtaposes these texts with artistic productions from the same areas, with an emphasis on Britain. The aim is to unravel the mechanisms through which pathos was produced and employed, mainly through the representation of pain and suffering, with mainly religious, but also political aims. The novelty of the book resides in its specific linguistic perspective, which highlights the recurrent use of words, structures and dialogic patterns in drama to reinforce messages on the salvific value of suffering, in synergy with visual messages produced in the same cultural milieu

Gesundheit & Sprache / Health & Language
InnTrans. Innsbrucker Beiträge zu Sprache, Kultur und Translation

Marietta Calderón Tichy / Reinhard Heuberger / Emil Chamson (Hrsg./eds)

Die Beiträge dieses Buches untersuchen die sprachliche Repräsentation von Gesundheit in aktuellen und historischen Ausprägungen. Die Beitragenden wenden zur linguistischen Analyse unterschiedliche Methoden und Zugänge an, wobei die Schwerpunkte auf Interaktionsforschung, Diskursanalyse und Lexikologie liegen. Das untersuchte Datenmaterial stamm

Tiere - Texte - Transformationen
Kritische Perspektiven der Human-Animal Studies

Reingard Spannring, Reinhard Heuberger, Gabriela Kompatscher, Andreas Oberprantacher, Karin Schachinger, Alejandro Boucabeille (eds.)

This volume aims to encourage subjecting post-humanist transformations to experiments both in thought and in practice. It combines new empirical and theoretical work by international authors in the research field of human-animal studies: along with examples of how the relationship between animals and humans was handled in the past and how it is presented and discussed in contemporary art and science, this volume also contains analyses of literary and philosophical texts and linguistic research. Other contributions provide information on the observable and potential social, scientific, and economic shifts in the relationship between humans and animals.
Link: transformationen

literary and cultural studies

Uncommon Wealths in Postcolonial Fiction

Helga Ramsey-Kurz, Melissa Kennedy (eds.)

The essays collected in Uncommon Wealths in Postcolonial Fiction “follow the money” to illuminate literature’s keen awareness of the multiple and often conflicting meanings of wealth and commons in formerly colonized spaces.. postcolonial-fiction


The Unknown 1992: Literary Explorations Beyond Modernism

Ingo Berensmeyer, Dorothee Birke (eds.)

The Unknown 1922 revisits a selection of non-canonical and rarely read literary texts first published in 1922, the celebrated annus mirabilis of English modernism. Crime and fantasy novels, ‘middlebrow’ fiction, short stories, essays, plays and memoirs – these alternative works cast an interesting sidelight on well-known modernist classics. From Rose Macaulay to Aleister Crowley, from E. R. Eddison to Cicely Hamilton, and from Elizabeth Von Arnim to William Gerhardi, they offer an unusual and fascinating cross-section of the literary landscape of that memorable year. Download table of contents.

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