Georg Kaser

Dr. Georg Kaser

Retired Professor for Climate and Cryospheric Reserach
Former Dean of the Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences


Member of the Ececutive Board of the Austrian Science Fund FWF as Vice President of Research - Natural Sciences and Technology

Curriculum Vitae

Download CV_Kaser_2024_03.pdf (88.33 KB)

Research Interests

  • Interaction between atmosphere and glaciers
  • Mass and energy fluxes on glaciers
  • Climate and glaciers
  • Alpine hydrology
  • Glaciology, climatology and hydrology in the Alps and in Low Latitude mountain regions as well as from a global perspective


  • 2021: Rotary Award South Tyrol-Trentino

  • 2018: Österreichischen Ehrenkreuzes für Wissenschaft und Kunst I. Klasse.
  • 2017: Full Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
  • 2015: Conferred Fellow of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.
  • 2015: Honorary Member of the International Association for Cryospheric Sciences IACS-IUGG.
  • 2013: Wissenschaftspreis für außergewöhnliche Forschungsleistung der Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse.
  • 2007: Nobel Peace Price collectively with the entire IPCC team, shared with Al Gore.
  • Since 1988 regularly Research Projects funded by the FWF


Measuring and modelling snow-cover dynamics at high resolution for improving distributed mass balance research on mountain glaciers

A physically based regional mass balance approach for the glaciers of Vinschgau – glacier contribution to water availability

Climate-glacier relationship on Mount Kenya

Hintereisferner - an Open Air Laboratory

Mass Balance of Hintereisferner

Mass Balance of Kesselwandferner

Vulnerability to Water Scarcity and Glacier Fed Water Availability in the Tropical Callejón de Huaylas, Peru


Downscaling of Climate Variability: Towards an Impact Assessment for Glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Reconstruction and Projecting the Global Behaviour of Glaciers from 1850 - 2300


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