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ECPR Roundtable #2 - The impact of the war in Ukraine on academic freedom

22.03.2023: Academic freedom has become a global concern in all regions and fields, involving both illiberal and democratic scholars nation.

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Russia's continued aggression against Ukraine has further fueled the debate. Scholars at Ukrainian universities are brutally prevented from doing their jobs or forced to leave the country and try to continue working elsewhere. Simultaneously political and ideological bias characterizes academic debate about war, especially in the media and social networks.

Organized in partnership with the ECPR Academic Freedom Working Group, this roundtable aims to focus on a broader discussion of growing concerns affecting academic freedom in a variety of contexts, starting with the war in Ukraine.


  • Daniela Irrera, Università di Catania

Panel Discussants:

  • Iryna Maksymenko, Odesa Mechnikov National University
  • Nonna Mayer, Sciences Po Paris
  • Claudia Padovani, Università di Padova
  • Olga Tokariuk-Shelest, CEPA - Center for European Policy Analysis


Recorded on August 23rd, 2023, at the University of Innsbruck.






How to cite:

Irrera, Daniela; Maksymenko, Iryna; Mayer, Nonna; Padovani, Claudia; Tokariuk-Shelest, Olga (2023): ECPR Roundtable #2 - The impact of the war in Ukraine on academic freedom, ECPR General Conference 2022, University of Innsbruck, https://www.uibk.ac.at/politikwissenschaft/kommunikation/artikel/podcast/episodes/ecpr/ecpr2_ukraine.html.


Music by Lost Harmonies.

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