UN sustainability goals
UN sustainability goals

Lecture on UN sustainability goals

October 13 marked the beginning of the lecture series on sustainability goals initiated by the University of Innsbruck, UniNEtZ and the Aurora Alliance. The lectures on the respective UN sustainability goals will be broadcast live and can be watched online later.

The lecture series was opened by Elmar Pichl, Section Head in the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Rector Tilmann Märk, Vice Rector Bernhard Fügenschuh, Vice Rector Wolfgang Streicher, and Johann Stötter as course leader and UniNEtZ representative. Explanations on the origin and meaning of the "Sustainable Development Goals" in the national, international and also institutional context were part of the initial presentations and discussions among the experts.

Until December 17th, every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm scientists will present the individual Sustainable Development Goals within this lecture series and discuss them with representatives of the Rectorate and experts from the University of Innsbruck. Bachelor students have the opportunity to actively participate in these discussions (language of instruction: English).

The lecture series is open to the public and live streamed. The individual sessions are recorded and can be accessed through the following link: https://lms.uibk.ac.at/auth/RepositoryEntry/4810637620/CourseNode/102613375447527  (via OLAT guest account)

Please direct any questions concerning the lecture series to: Ringvorlesung-Nachhaltigkeit@uibk.ac.at


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