Mas­ter the­sis pro­ject on NETs (neu­ro­phil extra­cel­lu­lar traps) and auto­im­mune disea­ses

Master thesis project on NETS (neutrophil extracellular traps) and autoimmune diseases 

In the group of Innate Immunity and Inflammation (Sandra Santos-Sierra) at the Institute of Pharmacology (Med. Uni. Innsbruck) we have a Master thesis project available on the topic above mentioned. 

Methodologies to be used are: neutrophil isolation, microscopy, phagocytosis, NETS staining, ELISA, cell Culture, FACS. Thorough details on the project description will be given in a personal interview. 

If the topic is appealing for you, if you are motivated and willing to work the project forward to a successful end, send your CV at sierra.html 

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