Applied Animal Ecology

Our work adresses the ecology of animals in natural and managed ecosystems and the role these organisms play in providing ecosystem services. We seek to understand mechanisms governing the structure and functioning of natural communities through integration of novel techniques with laboratory and field experiments. A major objective of our work is the analysis of food web interactions through molecular approaches: over the past 20 years we have been assessing a wide range of trophic networks in both terrestrial and aquatic environments ranging from glacier forelands to agroecosystems and covering anything between beetles and birds. We are thrilled to share our constantly growing experience and knowledge on this subject by the international MATI and MOTI university courses. DNA-based techniques also provide a powerful means to assess species communities and to detect pathogens in environmental samples, currently revolutionizing how biodiversity is monitored. Sinsoma, a spin off company from our team, offers these effective new approaches for anyone interested in employing next generation biomonitoring.

The research of the Applied Animal Ecology group is embedded in various projects, many of them executed collaboratively with leading researchers from all around the world. The outcome of this work is published in leading international journals – please see our publications here.

For more information on the current team as well as our individual profiles and projects  please visit us below.




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