Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fügenschuh

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard FÜGENSCHUH

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Responsibilities and Tasks as University Head of Studies

According to §19 para. 2 no. 2 of the Universities Act 2002 (UA hereafter), the Head of Studies is the monocratic authority responsible for the execution of study law regulations at first instance.

The Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teachings attends to the tasks of the University Head of Studies.

Responsibilities and Tasks

According to the "study-law regulations" part of the statutes in the version of the University of Innsbruck bulletin of 4 July 2007, piece, no.278:

  1. approving applications for admission to individual programmes of study (UA § 55);
  2. awarding academic degrees to graduates of individual programmes of study (UA § 55, Para. 4);
  3. approving the completion of examinations for a university other than the university to which the student has been admitted (UA § 63, Para. 9.2);
  4. annulling by order the results of examinations, of diploma, Magister and master's theses, and of doctoral dissertations (UA § 74);
  5. issuing certificates confirming the completion of a programme of study (UA § 75, Para. 3) and diploma supplements (UA § 69, Para. 2);
  6. appointing academically qualified examiners for entrance and supplementary examinations, for the determination of the method of examination and for the determination of whether an examination is to be held by single examiner or by an examination board (UA § 76, Para. 1);
  7. recognizing examinations that have received a passing grade (UA § 78);
  8. annulling examinations that have been conducted in a manner exhibiting severe defects (UA § 79);
  9. guaranteeing the safekeeping of examination documents not given to students (UA § 84, Para. 1);
  10. Approval of diploma, magister and master thesis (§ 143 para. 19 Universities' Act);
  11. granting requests to withhold access to scientific and artistic theses or dissertations deposited in the university library (in accordance with UA § 86, Para. 1) for up to five years from the time of delivery (UA § 86, Para. 2);
  12. awarding academic degrees to graduates upon completion of degree programmes and continuing education courses (UA § 87, Para. 1 and 2);
  13. awarding designations to graduates upon completion of continuing education programmes (UA § 58, Para. 2);
  14. revoking academic degrees awarded within Austria (UA § 89);
  15. recognizing the completion of a programme of study in a foreign country as equivalent to the completion of a degree programme in Austria – nostrification (UA § 90, Para. 3), and
  16. completing the following tasks in accordance with the requirements of this statute section:
    1. setting dates for examinations and registration deadlines (§§ 16 and 19);
    2. appointing academically qualified examiners and forming examination boards (§§ 12,13,14,15 and 20);
    3. disposition of applications within the registration procedure (§§ 18 and 19);
    4. appointing academically qualified persons to supervise diploma, Magister and master's theses and doctoral dissertations, prohibiting topics and supervisors, submitting work to assessors, and determining the form in which academic work is to be submitted (§§ 24 and 25);
    5. decisions on failure to attend or withdrawal from examinations with good reason (§ 23);
    6. authorizing block courses (§ 5, Para. 2).

Deans of Study

At a faculty level, Deans of Studies are responsible for organising study programmes, teaching and examinations. Faculties which offer several study programmes may have Associate Deans of Studies who are responsible for specific groups of study programmes. These are members of teaching staff who are charged with carrying out a wide range of tasks on behalf of the university management according to specific guidelines.

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