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Informations academic year 2021/22

 30.09.2021 Information on the teaching evaluation (LVA) academic year 2021/22

Compulsory full evaluation - Voluntary evaluation

Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, eight faculties will undergo a mandatory full evaluation and eight faculties will be evaluated on a voluntary basis per academic year.

For faculties with a mandatory full evaluation, all courses of a faculty are evaluated in the winter semester and summer semester of an academic year. All information about the process of a mandatory full evaluation can be found at:

For course instructors who would like to have their courses evaluated on a voluntary basis, the procedure (questionnaires, evaluation period, etc.) is the same as for the full evaluation, but the registration procedure is different. All information about the procedure of a voluntary evaluation can be found at:


Schedule for the mandatory full evaluation and the voluntary evaluation

For the academic year 2021/22, the following faculties have been assigned to the mandatory or voluntary evaluation:

Academic year 2021/22
Mandatory evaluation Voluntary evaluation
Architecture Biology
Business and Management Chemistry and Pharmacy
Educational Sciences Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences
Psychology and Sport Science Teacher Education
Social and Political Sciences Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
Engineering Sciences Catholic Theology
Economics and Statistics Language, Literature and Culture
Law Philosophy and History


In the academic year 2022/23, the following faculties will be evaluated on a mandatory or voluntary basis:

Academic year 2022/23
Mandatory evaluation Voluntary evaluation
Biology Architecture
Chemistry and Pharmacy Business and Management
Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences Educational Sciences
Teacher Education Psychology and Sport Science
Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Social and Political Sciences
Catholic Theology Engineering Sciences
Language, Literature and Culture Economics and Statistics
Philosophy and History Law


Informations and mailings for the academic year 2020/21

(currently only available in german)

15.07.2021 Deadline for late registrations for the LVA July (start from 19.07.2021)

16.06.2021 Inspection and publication approval of the LV-Analysis

15.06.2021 Reporting of the LV-Analysis in the academic year 2020/21

 04.03.2021 Information about the LV-Analysis summer semester 2021

03.03.2021 LV-Analysis WS 2020/21- Short Review



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