Undertaking Research at the University of Innsbruck

Outstanding research performance, particularly in basic research, can be seen as the fundament for a successful university. Research findings advance fundamental knowledge about the world and are the source of most new scientific ideas and ways of thinking about the world.

At the University of Innsbruck, research excellence is promoted by the establishment of major research areas and research centres as well as its integration with interdisciplinary platforms. Junior scientists, in particular, benefit from the extensive programs promoting young scientists, high-quality PhD programs and the increase of research financing through third-party funds.

Every year the Vice Dean of Research offers over 20 funding programs in the form of research funds, research funds for young scientists, awards and grants to reward and increase research performances at the University. Information about other (third-party) funding and awards is provided at the projekt.service.büro, where you also find a newsletter about third-party funding. Funds to support scientific events and printing cost grants for scientific publications are provided by the University on an annual basis. Moreover, the innsbruck university press (iup) is owned by the University, thereby acting as a facilitator for scientific publication.

Qualification Agreements, which are established before being employed, are the guidelines when researching at the University of Innsbruck. They ensure a continuous and performance oriented academic career for young scientists meeting criteria agreed upon beforehand.

The Obergurgl University Center, located in the Alpine at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea level, is also open for international guests and scientists. The Alpine Research Centre in Obergurgl is the main research laboratory for varied research activities related to the Alpine region.

Scientists coming to Innsbruck from home and abroad will find some basic information on our Welcome page to make their start in Innsbruck easier.



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