Current group members

Group leader

Christoph Kreutz (CV) (email)

PhD Students

Felix Nussbaumer (email)

Johannes Kremser (email)

Elisabeth Strebitzer (email)

Raphael Plangger (email)

Kevin Erharter (email)

David Klingler  (email)


Master Students

Manuel Otter (email)

David Glänzer (email)

Stefan Hilber (email)

Manuel Roeck (email)


Former group members

PhD Students

Christoph Wunderlich (PhD 2015, Bachem)

Romana Rigger (PhD 2015, Merck-Sigma-Aldrich)

Michael Juen (PhD 2019, Roche)


Group photos & Activities

July 2019

Nucleic Acid Chemistry Summer School in Wuerzburg, Germany



December 2018

In X-Mas party mode

 Xmas 2018

November 2017

Official promotion to Associate Professor


from left to right: Rector Tilmann Märk, Christoph, 
Vice-rector Wolfgang Meixner 

July 2017

ISMAR 2017, Quebec City


Boat trip sponsored by Bruker Biospin
from left to right: Raphael, Christoph, Michael, Elisabeth

ISMAR 2017 poster award winner Johannes Kremser
March 2017

After "Habilitation" party

hoodies front

Hoodies for research team Kreutz
from left to right: Johannes, Michael, Felix, Christoph, Elisabeth, Raphael

Nach oben scrollen