Control of pancreas formation and regeneration

Sonja Töchterle, Onur Temocin, Réka Lorincz, Julia Freudenblum, Robin Kimmel, Dirk Meyer 


The pancreas is a vertebrate specific organ with essential functions in glucose regulation and food digestion. It consists of endocrine cell clusters, the islets, exocrine tissue surrounding the islets, and a duct system connecting exocrine and gut system. An important function of the endocrine cells is the production of insulin. Fish and mammals show a very similar pancreas architecture and use a highly conserved set of genes to control pancreas formation. Therefore the zebrafish is an ideal system for diabetes-related research.

We study the molecular control of endocrine differentiation and organ morphogenesis. A major focus is laid on the characterization fo the Hlxb9-related transcription factors Mnx1, Mnx2a and Mnx2b. These factors have conserved functions in pancreas formation and differentiation of insulin-producing β-cells. In addition, they are required for motoneuron differentiation and heterozygous loss of human Mnx1 is the major cause of sacral agenesis in patients suffering Currarino syndrome.




Selected Publications 


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