The EU-Programme for Lifelong Learning is successor of the EU Programmes SOKRATES II and LEONARDO DA VINCI II. The new European educational Programme was launched on 1st January 2007. 

The new educational Programme for Lifelong Learning consists of four sectoral programmes


  • School education  (Comenius)
  • High education (Erasmus)
  • Vocational training (Leonardo da Vinci) and
  • Adult education (Grundtvig)


and is completed by a transversal Programme targeted on cross-cutting areas (policy cooperation, promotion of language learning, development of innovative ICT and dissemination and exploitation of results) as well as a programme to support teaching, research and reflection around European integration and key European institutions and associations (Jean Monnet).


Erasmus University Charter


Details of the respective programmes can be found on the website of the Nationalagency for Lifelong Learning: