Election packages

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What are elective packages?

All students of the subject-related Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes have 30 ECTS at their disposal to deepen their own subject, to choose individual modules or, thanks to the elective packages, to choose an additional focus beyond the scope of your subject. The elective packages are open to students of all faculties (if their curriculum provides for them) and are shown on your degree certificate. Of course, this also applies to Romance Studies.

In the BA, we are involved in the interdisciplinary elective package Media - Language - Culture. This elective package can also be taken by Romance Studies students. It offers you a selection of courses that deal with media and media communication from different perspectives and teach you approaches from the field of linguistics and media studies as well as from the field of cultural and literary studies (e.g. film analysis, comparative media studies, gender studies). Depending on your personal interests, you can choose from different elective modules.

In the Master's programme, we are extremely active in film studies. Fancy film and possibly film practice? Then take a look here: https://www.uibk.ac.at/projects/filmwissenschaft/ This elective package can also be taken by Romance Studies students.

For non-romance students, we offer language-specific elective packages in the Master's degree. Depending on your choice, you will receive excellent language training in French, Italian or Spanish (à 15 ECTS), so that by the end you will have mastered the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing at the language level B1+ to B2 (CEFR). In addition, you decide whether you want to study language, media, politics from a linguistic perspective or study Romance literatures and cultures transversally (e.g. memoria cultures or postcolonial cultures) (à 15 ECTS). Our offers:

  • French Linguistics
  • French literature and cultural studies
  • Italian Linguistics
  • Italian literature and cultural studies
  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Spanish literature and cultural studies

List of all elective packages of our faculty List of all electoral packages of our university and more detailed information

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