Procedure and obligations for the scholarship holders of the Doctoral scholarship from the University of Innsbruck's support programme for young researchers

The scholarship is initially awarded for 6 months. The monthly instalments of 975 euros will be transferred to the account you have specified. The prerequisite for this is that you accept the scholarship (i.e. send the declaration of acceptance - this is done via LFU:online).

4 to 6 weeks before this scholarship expires, you can apply for a further 6 months (1st extension) (via LFU:online). The prerequisite for the extension is a proven progress on the dissertation, which is confirmed by the dissertation supervisor.

An extraordinary extension to a maximum of 18 months can only be granted with appropriate proof of performance (e.g. publications, conference contributions) and in certain exceptional cases, such as bridging funding prior to a project position. To apply for an extraordinary extension, please send a short report (max. 2-3 pages) and a statement from your dissertation supervisor on the progress of your dissertation to Please contact us before applying for an extraordinary extension (

Regardless of how long a doctoral scholarship was received, a final report (max. 2-3 pages) with the supervisor's statement must be submitted to the Vice-Rectorate for Research within four weeks of the end of the scholarship (

If you publish a scientific paper as part of the study programme funded by this scholarship, all publications, including the dissertation, must refer to the scholarship awarded by the University of Innsbruck, Vice-Rectorate for Research. Furthermore, the affiliation to the author's institute and, above all, to the University of Innsbruck should be mentioned in the title.

Please send us the two reviews ( after completion of the dissertation.

Obligations of the scholarship holders

You are obliged to notify us immediately in writing of any changes to the data you have provided (, i.e. discontinuation of studies, change of delivery address, etc.

Any instalments received illegally must be refunded immediately.

During the period of scholarship receipt, the prohibition of gainful employment at the University of Innsbruck applies without exception!

Please note

- There is no employment contract, freelance service contract or contract for work and labour

- there is no obligation on the part of the scholarship holder to provide consideration, in particular no obligation to perform work

- no obligation to follow instructions

- working hours and place of work are not specified

- the scholarship holders work for themselves to a self-determined extent

- no workplace at the university has to be provided

- Scholarship holders are not involved in the organisation of the institute

- Scholarship holders must take care of any registration with the SVA and the tax office themselves.

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