Our graduates work in different fields of conflict transformation work as well as academia around the world. Most maintain a close link and lifelong connection to the Peace Studies Innsbruck community, both personally and professionally.

Hence we are proud to have one of the most active Peace Studies alumni network in the world with a number of initiatives.

Many Peaces Magazine

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The Many Peaces Magazine (MPM) was conceptualized and launched by a group of Peace Studies Innsbruck alumni in 2014. It was created as an outlet to showcase the work of alumni, students, cooperation partners and friends of the Master of Arts Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation and theUNESCO Chair for Peace Studies located at Universität Innsbruck, Austria.

The magazine is published twice a year, in January and July. The MPM team has changed and developed over the past volumes and is currently coordinated by a team spread out over three continents and features authors and stories from around the globe. Many of the articles, stories and contributions that can be found in the magazine relate to the field of Peace Studies in some way, but more specifically to the fields of Transrational Peace Philosophy and Elicitive Conflict Transformation.

The Many Peaces Magazine is founded on the idea that there are many peaces, many interpretations and expressions of what peace is, and the work of the editorial team seeks to embody the philosophies and theories developed at the Unit for Peace Studies as well as the the Research Center for Peace and Conflict (InnPeace9 while showcasing the creative work of peace studies scholars and conflict transformation practitioners from around the world. A selection of MPM articles is featured in the Unit for Peace Studies’ newsfeed.

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Peace Studies Fund

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Founded by students of the Master of our MA Program, the Peace Studies Fund e.V. aims to support fellow students by contributing to the program’s existing scholarship. The fund‘s key ideas are to strengthen the solidarity they experienced within theirs studies, and increase the chance of participation, and graduation, for students from all over the world who are interested and qualified to enroll in this special program and who would otherwise be hindered by financial problems.

Furthermore, the Fund strengthens the community of current and former peace students by opening a space for supporting each other.

Peace Studies Fund Website:



The Peace Elicits Project

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Peace Elicits are dedicated spaces for elicitive peace work. Regularly they invite for peace researchers, workers, scholars and advocators to gather and to collectively dive into the common experience of discovering, sharing and living a culture of many peaces.

Different peace facilitators invite for Peace Elicits. They have diverse national, professional and cultural backgrounds and bring in a variety of approaches, methods and tools for conflict transformation and peace work. Each Peace Elicits can be facilitated by an always anew emerging team of facilitators.

The topics chosen cover a broad range of life aspects evolving around peaces and conflict.

The Peace Elicits aim to choose topics that speak to participants personally and collectively as parts of the larger society.

The Peace Elicits Project Website:

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