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COVID-19: The current semester

For the University of Innsbruck, the health of all university employees remains a top priority! The Rector's team is concerned to protect staff and students at the University from possible Corona infections as best as possible. In this article we inform you about the measures taken in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic. Please inform yourself regularly and adhere to the safety measures and hygiene guidelines. 

Current recommendations

For the time being, no more COVID-19 measures are in effect at the University of Innsbruck. However, the following recommendations still apply:

  • Common safety precautions & hygiene procedures (including hand hygiene, disinfection of surfaces, regular ventilation, etc.).
  • If you have signs of Covid-19 infection, stay home and report immediately to authorities as well as to cc in case of a positive test result. 
  • Also report infections in the same household
  • Employees and students tested positive for Covid-19are still not allowed to return to the university (even if symptom-free)! 
  • Recommended minimum distance: 1m
  • Recommendation: Wear a FFP2-mask, especially on common areas in the building and when meeting other people. This recommendation applies especially when distances cannot be kept or the situation as a whole makes it necessary! 

Please also always refer to the latest Rector´s team mailing (Coronavirus: Update Sept. 29th, 2022) 

Testing and Covid-19 vaccination at the University

All Covid-19 test stations are CLOSED.

Employees still have the option to be tested through the occupational medicine (ONLY by making an appointment in advance by emailing to and 

Covid-19 vaccination:

The offer of a Covid-19 vaccination at the University of Innsbruck remains valid (over the course of the consultation-hour of the Occupational Medicine).

Timely registration by email to (in cc is mandatory to ensure the availability of the vaccine. 

Currently the university does not have an adapted vaccine!

For further information:

If you have any question, please contact

 Covid vaccination: The most important at a glance; Vaccination dates at the university

Further measures at the University of Innsbruck

You can find all the information you need about the safe operation of the library at

The federal regulations in the area of mass sports apply to participation in USI sports courses. All information or possible amendments can be found here: 

The courses of the Language Center will also take place in the winter term 2022/2023 with both online teaching and classroom teaching:

It is still possible to meet with parties in the Admission Department ( ) and in the Faculty Service Office/Examination Office ( by personal appointment.

Meetings are to continue to be held virtually wherever possible. For face-to-face work meetings, ensure that all participants feel comfortable in the setting.

Events are possible again in all areas of the university. You can find more information at the Public Relations Office:

Any questions? Then please contact the coronavirus hotline:

Further information: