FAQ zum Einstufungstest

Anyone who would like to attend a Business Languages 2 course and has not previously completed the Business Languages 1 course.

The placement test takes place in presence:

Come to the auditorium at the SoWi with your student ID and your laptop/netbook/tablet (with keyboard) by the test date (published on the homepage). They will check whether you are registered. You will then be informed about the exact examination procedure on site.

If the placement test takes place online:

You will receive an email from us after the registration deadline on the morning of the next day with exact instructions/information on how to proceed.
You will be added to an "OLAT course" (= placement test environment) and will need a working webcam, microphone and speakers.

You can either take a Business Languages 1 course to improve your level or try the placement test again at a later date (the test always takes place shortly before the start of the semester).

IWW (Bacc.) students are only eligible for the Business Languages 1 courses from the 2nd allocation round onwards, as this course is not included in the curriculum.

First and second foreign business language for IWW" means that you must complete 2 different foreign business language 2 courses.

Foreign Business Language 1 courses are not intended for the IWW compulsory module.

The list of foreign business language courses for the IWW compulsory modules can be found at: https://lfuonline.uibk.ac.at/public/lfuonline_lv.home - Faculty of Business Administration - Bachelor's degree program IWW - Compulsory modules - Compulsory modules 11 and 12 "First and second foreign business language"

You must successfully complete Business English 2 and another foreign business language 2 during your studies.
This means, for example, that you can take Business English 2 and Business Spanish 2 or ... .

No - you are welcome to register for the next placement test. The start of the registration period will be published on the homepage.

No - you are welcome to register for the next placement test. The start of the registration period will be published on the homepage.

There are certain requirements for the allocation of courses. You can find these guidelines at


If you fall under the hardship regulation, you will be admitted to the system for the 3rd allocation round and possible places will still be allocated as part of the "allocation of places by the deans of studies".

If you do not meet the requirements for the course, the course management may not admit you to the foreign business language course 2.

Please note that you must fulfill the following requirements to be able to attend a foreign business language course 2:
You have

  • either have passed a placement test that is not older than 3 semesters
  • or have successfully completed a foreign business language course 1 in the relevant language.

The test is valid for a total of 4 semesters - i.e. for this semester and a further 3 semesters. If you have not completed the course by then, you will have to take the placement test again.

e.g. test completed in WS23 ... i.e. WS 23 + SS 24 + WS 24 + SS 25 - the test must be taken again from WS 25.

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