Placement Test

Summer Semester 2023/24


All placement tests take place in the SOWI Aula in presence.


Wednesday, 27.09.2023


Thursday, 28.09.2023


A registration for every individual test is required.

Registration is now open and ends on Tuesday, 27.02.2024 at 20:00.

For the placement test, please bring your student ID and
a laptop/netbook/tablet with keyboard/... to the test.




DateTimeLanguageExaminerE-Mail (in case of questions)




Before the placement test, your student ID will be used to check whether you are registered.
You will receive information about the further procedure directly from the examiner on site.

Within 4 hours after the exam you will receive a notification about the result of the placement test and you can register for the class.


Content of the placement test:

Sample test English

Sample test French

Sample test Italian

Sample test Spanish

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