Mission statement

From action-guiding ideas

Who we are?

The Department of Business Languages sees itself as an interface between university education and business practice in a globalized economic and thus communication area.
The language and communication training offered is an indispensable part of SOWI's curriculum. With their different nationalities, the staff members represent a valuable cultural diversity and, based on their many years of experience and teaching activities, see their role as learning guides for students in the areas of international business communication.

What we are here for and for whom?

For future business people and decision-makers in society, to whom we offer special training as part of their university education to improve their language and communication skills and thus prepare them for success in the international market. At the same time, the department serves as an administrative contact and information point for students and staff of the faculty.

What are the goals of our work?

Communicating professionally and efficiently in an international business context:
After attending our courses, students should be able to operate successfully in the international business world, i.e. they should be able to use business-related skills confidently in the international business language.

Intercultural aspects:
By integrating communication training into a cultural context, students should be sensitized to cultural differences and peculiarities, understand and accept different cultural backgrounds without prejudice and be able to understand and assess events in other countries. This also includes preparation for the year abroad.

Further development and development of social skills:
In order to improve students' awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, they are taught strategies and methods for self-help (learning styles, learning methods, independent development of solutions, taking responsibility for learning success, ...) which lead to a self-confident approach to foreign language(s) and foreign language training.

Which values guide us?

Appreciation and partnership should create a sense of well-being among all those involved. We see ourselves as a team of highly qualified individuals. All employees strive for a fun and enjoyable work experience and will do their utmost to promote this.
Our commitment is geared towards results, so we strive to work efficiently.


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