Anna Schneider

Dr. Anna Schneider

Assistant Professor Human Resource Management

HRM & Employment Relations Department


Phone: +43 512 507-71453

Office: o.3.43a, 3. OG SOWI-building

Universitätsstrasse 15

A-6020 Innsbruck

Her doctoral thesis analyzed how front-line service workers handle contradictory requirements of customers and employers in service interactions via the direct observation of service interactions. This is a counter-point to dominant scholarly accounts focused on normative and functional pronouncements. She is particularly interested in how organizational and macro-social structures play out at the micro-level with regards to the implications for managing the workforce. In the context of employment, her current research interests include how service workers and organizations handle contradictory requirements and the role that intermediaries play.

Research areas

· Employment relationships in (interactive) service work & retail sector

· The power of labour market intermediaries

· Paradoxes, tensions and identity formation in HRM

· Institutional Theory, Convention Theory, Practice Theory

· Organizational Ethnography

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