Research is linked to social responsibility. Our strength lies in analyzing current issues in the design of employment relationships and identifying scope for action for the future. This is reflected in our main research areas: diversity, new forms of organization, technology and transparency.

Guided by pluralistic thinking, a basic theme of our research is the existence of partially different interests. The question of finding solutions that incorporate different concerns is therefore an integral part of our research projects. Likewise, cooperation in partnership with companies, educational institutions, trade unions and politics is a quality criterion for our research projects.

The knowledge we create benefits everyone who wants to better understand current developments in the shaping of employment relationships and commit to improvements.


JADE Job Ad Deco­der

Eine höhere Vielfalt an Bewerber:innen können Unternehmen erreichen, indem sie auf die passende Formulierung von Stelleninseraten achten — der Job-Ad Decoder JADE hilft ihnen dabei.

Current Funded Projects

Cur­rent Funded Pro­jects

Current funded projects of the HRM & Employment Relations department

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