European Student Assembly 2024

Euro­pean Stu­dent Assem­bly 2024: High­lights and Out­comes

From April 10th to 12th, 2024, the European Student Assembly (ESA) convened its third session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Members of the Aurora Student Council (ASC) and students from Aurora universities represented Aurora universities’ student voice and were actively involed in shaping the ESA24 Policy Recommendations paper.

Over 250 students from 170 istitutions all over Europe involved in 41 different Alliances have gathered at the European Parliament to discuss 11 essential themes of the European Union and propose their final recommendations. 

Students engaged in lively discussions, debates, collaborative efforts, and voting sessions encompassing a comprehensive array of over 80 policy recommendations spanning 11 distinct political topics.

The European Student Assembly generally aims to:

  • Provide a platform to voice the opinion of students from European universities of different countries, backgrounds, fields and levels of study, all recruited for their engagement and motivation;
  • Foster the participation of students, strengthen collaboration between them and increase the impact and visibility of European university alliances;
  • Advocate for deliberative processes to reinforce European democracy and to reduce the gap between citizens and decision makers; and
  • Encourage students to be involved in European democratic processes, and European politics at local, national and European levels.

ESA24 policy recommendations

At ESA 24, 11 panels meticulously crafted recommendations addressing a spectrum of political concerns such as the Green Transformation, AI guidelines, public health, Euroscepticism, higher education, and cultural heritage. Together, these panels generated a robust compilation of over 80 policy recommendations, with an overwhelming majority—over 90%—being ratified by the entire assembly comprising 250 participants through majority vote.

The document is available for download at the link below:

ESA24 policy recommendations

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