Scholarship for Short-Term Scientific Work Abroad (KWA)

Specific topics of a Diploma/Master Thesis, Dissertation or Habilitation can often only be realised through additional research abroad. The University of Innsbruck supports various projects for research in archives, libraries, research institutions, etc.

Information on application and organisation

The first step is to find the topic of your thesis and a supervisor at the UIBK. Once this step has been completed, you need to provide an appropriate justification as to why you would like to complete part of your research abroad - for example: collaboration in a research group, specific sources that are not available at the University of Innsbruck or similar.

Is there appropriate material at the respective institution, are there contact persons, is there possibly a supervisor on site, does your UIBK supervisor perhaps have contacts that can be used?

You should discuss these points with your supervisor of the Diploma, Master's Thesis or Dissertation, after all, your project should be approved, as a letter of recommendation is required for the application for a KWA scholarship.

The foreign research site must be at least 200km (air line) away from the home town!

Once the duration of the research stay and goals have been determined, contact the respective research institution and find out about the possibility of a research stay.

If the foreign research institution agrees with your project, please request an official acceptance or invitation letter. As soon as you have received the acceptance, you can take the further steps such as: visa, accommodation, administrative matters at the host university/institution and the University of Innsbruck etc.

The University of Innsbruck offers financial support for research projects abroad.

The scholarship for short-term academic work abroad (in short: KWA scholarship).

Current scholarship rate per month:
within Europe EUR 400
outside Europe EUR 600

Duration of the financial support:
Diploma/Master’s Thesis max. 3 months
Dissertation max. 4 months
Habilitation max. 6 months

In the guidelines  you will find further important aspects that need to be taken into account.

Furthermore, there is a checklist at the end of the   application form with the documents (left column) that are additionally required from you.

The complete application documents must be submitted by the respective deadline either in person or via e-mail to Ms. 

Christina Plattner .

Application deadlines*

1 February
3 April
12 June
1 August
15 November

*Subject to changes

If you have been awarded the KWA scholarship, you must submit the following documents to Christina Plattner 4 weeks after completion of your research stay at the latest:

  • experience report (at least one page): impressions, organisation of your stay abroad, worthwhile information, tips, etc.
  • confirmation of your stay: must show the exact start and end dates of your stay abroad and be signed by the host university.
  • review of the research results by the supervisor at UIBK: a short letter confirming that the research stay was successful/unsuccessful, the objectives achieved/not achieved, etc.

We hope that you had a pleasant stay abroad!

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