Teaching and Research Area Critical Gender Studies

Education and socialization do not take place beyond gender relations: they are structured by prevailing gender norms and gendered inequalities and in turn have an impact on these relations. This interrelationship is illuminated in the teaching and research area of Critical Gender Studies and examined for consequences for educational research and pedagogical action. The practice orientation aims at scientific education and reflexive gender knowledge that can be made professionally productive in research and pedagogical practice.

The category of gender is conceived in multiple perspectives: as a category of inequality that produces and legitimizes hierarchies and unequal life chances; as a symbolically and interactively produced body of knowledge that materializes in discourses and institutions; and as a social fact that inscribes itself in the experience of identity, body, and desire through processes of habitualization; and finally, as a meaningful experience in the life course. Social and power theories, practice and discourse theories are orienting for analysis and critique of gendering processes (of the social, of action, of the subject, of pedagogy, etc.).

Teaching and research area of Critical Gender Studies (german)

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