• New pub­li­ca­tion


    A new article examines Heinrich Stadial 2 with implications for the precise chronology of Greenland and Antarctic ice cores.

  • Arti­cle in National Geo­graphic


    In its recent issue National Geographic features ice caves in the Alps and documents the work by members of the Quaternary Research Group in this rapidly changing subsurface world.

  • New pub­li­ca­tion


    Christoph Spötl participated in a recent study of the Little Ice Age climate in Europe.

  • Leis­tungs- und För­de­rungs­sti­pen­dien

    Die Universität Innsbruck vergibt Leistungs- und Förderungsstipendien. Informationen zu den Voraussetzungen und Fristen gibt es unter:

  • Neue Pub­li­ka­tion / New Pub­li­ca­tion

    Eine neue Studie unter der Leitung von Gabriella Koltai füllt eine Lücke bei der Verwendung von Calcit als Geothermometer.

  • Thank you ao. Univ.-Prof. i. R. Dr. Karl Krainer

    After 45 years at the University of Innsbruck (first as student, then research assistant and professor since 1997), Karl Krainer retired end of September 2022. We thank him for his great contribution to research and teaching and wish him all the best.

  • New pub­li­ca­tion


    A new study provides a 1000 year-long calendar of megadroughts in northeast India.

  • New pub­li­ca­tion


    Yin Lu's study unravels a 220 kyr-spanning event-stratigraphic record of the Dead Sea revealing contrasting roles of sediment density flows over glacial cycles.

  • New pub­li­ca­tion


    Tanguy Racine's new study provides unprecedented insights into the long-term evolution of ice in caves of the Alps

  • Suc­cess­ful KR9 con­fer­ence


    We hosted the international conference "Climate Change The Karst Record IX (KR9)"

  • New insti­tute sec­re­tary


    We welcome Gabriella Hirsch who joins our institute as a second secretary.

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