Teaching-related Initiatives

Members of the DiSC contribute to projects aimed at furthering the digital and social transformation at Austrian higher education institutions funded by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)This brochure (in German) provides more detailed information and can be downloaded from the BMBWF's webpage. The University of Innsbruck collaborates with other universities in the following teaching-related projects:

  • CodeAbility Austria - Goal: high-quality education in programming for students as well as pupils and professionals.
  • eInformatics@Austria - Goal: free MOOCs providing basic knowledge in computer science designed in a compelling way.


Some of our members offer courses and give presentations aimed at a wider audience, too - both inside and outside the university context. Examples are workshops for the city's summer program for children and adolescents, schools, or adult education centers (VHS):

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