Organization and Contact

The Digital Science Center (DiSC) is an interfaculty organizational unit with its own staff and resources. Additionally, it classifies as a Research Area and therefore fulfils a double role. The DiSC is firmly embedded in the university's research system consisting of Research Areas, Research Platforms, and Research Centers. It has thus far established a formal affiliation with the Research Center Digital Humanities, which has significant overlaps with the DiSC in terms of subject matter and participating researchers.

Please note: The DiSC is not a service provider. If you need IT services or technical support (i.e. to set up a server or a database), please contact the Information Technology Services (ZID). If you want to learn more about high-performance computing, you will find detailed information on the website of the Research Area Scientific Computing.


Univ.-Prof. Justus Piater, PhD

The DiSC Advisory Board must be convened once per semester to debate internal matters. It is a formal body of consultation established pursuant to §11(2) organization plan, consisting of all DiSC employees with a long-term contract as well as student representatives.

To include external perspectives from the Rectorate and the faculties, an informal Communication and Advisory Board was also established.

Deputy Head

Univ.-Prof. Adam Jatowt, PhD

Contact for enquiries about strategy, goals, and research

Associate Dean of Studies

Dr. Joanna Chimiak-Opoka

Contact for questions about teaching


Carina König, M.A.

Contact for administrative requests


Universität Innsbruck
Digital Science Center
Innrain 15 
A-6020 Innsbruck

+43 512 507-39750

How to find us

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Communication and Advisory Board

Häntschel-Erhart, IreneVize-Rector for Digitalization and Sustainability
Weihs, GregorVize-Rector for Research
Fügenschuh, BernhardVize-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching
Schinegger, KristinaFaculty of Architecture
Illmer, PaulFaculty of Biology
Eckhardt, AndreasFaculty of Business and Management
Dormandy, KatherineFaculty of Catholic Theology
Liedl, KlausFaculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Zeileis, AchimFaculty of Economics and Statistics
Biermann, Julia (replacement: Gniewosz, Gabriela)Faculty of Educational Sciences
Ußmüller, ThomasFaculty of Engineering Sciences
Mayr, GeorgFaculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences
Rampl, GerhardFaculty of Language, Literature, Culture
Augenhofer, Susanne (replacement: Glaser, Severin)Faculty of Law
Breu, RuthFaculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
Rupnow, DirkFaculty of Philosophy and History
Viviani, RobertoFaculty of Psychology and Sport Science
Senn, MartinFaculty of Social and Political Sciences
Stampfer, FlorianFaculty of Teacher Education
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