University of Innsbruck

Networking Lake Observatories in Europe


Piburger See


Lakes represent important resources within Europe, providing drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, recreation and fisheries. Developments in sensor technology now allow high-resolution monitoring of lakes and reservoirs from in-situ platforms, with the data provided to local end-users by web-based technology. The information acquired by these systems is currently reviewed on a site-by-site basis, but an even greater potential lies in the integration of data from many sites into a European network. Barriers to the development of such a network include, for example, a lack of information on the number of sites currently monitored, and the need for standardisation in data collection, processing and quality control. The over-arching objective of NETLAKE is to establish a network of scientists, technologists, managers and stakeholders focused on the development and application of cutting-edge sensor technology for the protection of European lakes and reservoirs.


Project Leader:

Funding Agencies:
EU- Earth System Science and Environmental Management COST Action ES1201

Project Duration:
01/10/2012 to 31/10/2016



Thies, H., M. Tolotti, U. Nickus, A. Lami, S. Musazzi, P. Guilizzoni, N. L. Rose, and H. YangInteractions of temperature and nutrient changes: effects on phytoplankton in the Piburger See (Tyrol, Austria)Freshwater Biology57
Tolotti, M., H. Thies, U. Nickus, and R. PsennerTemperature modulated effects of nutrients on phytoplankton changes in a mountain lakeHydrobiologia698


Thies, H., U. Nickus, V. Mair, R. Tessadri, D. Tait, B. Thaler, and R. PsennerUnexpected Response of High Alpine Lake Waters to Climate WarmingEnvironmental Science & Technology41

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