University of Innsbruck

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Alpine permafrost
  • Atmospheric deposition
  • Seasonal snow cover
  • Alpine headwaters
  • Ion chromatography



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Publications 2021

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Marchetto, A.; Boggero, A.; Fontaneto, D.; Lami, A.; Lotter, A. F.; Manca, M. M.; Massaferro, J.; Mosello, R.; Musazzi, S.; Nickus, U.; Psenner, R.; Rogora, M.; Sorvari Sundet, S.; Stuchlik, E.; Tartari, G.A.; Thies, H.; Tolotti, M. (2021): Living organisms and sedimentary remains from high mountain lakes in the Alps.
    In: Journal of Limnology 80/3, Nr. 2036. (DOI) (Web link)