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In spring of 2017, we were able to create a garden located close to our DiNGIM facilities. Since the summer semester 2018, we offer courses in this garden for students of the Secondary School Teacher Training Programme (General Education) and prepare a variety of topics for learning in the context of education for sustainable development (ESD).



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the School Garden has been the first course offered to students of the Secondary School Teacher Training Programme (General Education), subject Biology and Environmental Protection. Future teachers learn to use school gardens as a multifunctional place of learning in theoretical and practical units. In doing so, the courses put emphasis on various topics discussed in the context of education for sustainable development. Through interdisciplinary work in the school garden, the students develop a learning programme that links their two subjects. In summer semester 2018, for example, the "Gardener Ellipse" in context of math classes or a "Roman pot" was planted with ingredients for an ancient Roman recipe. Currently, we prepare two additional courses: "Winter in the school garden" and "Living organisms in biology”.

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related learning opportunities, which allow education for sustainable development (ESD), offer a huge potential to help children and young adults to acquire skills important for sustainable development.


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the EU project Big Picnic, in which DiNGIM has a leading role, focuses on food security in the context of agro-diversity, cultural influences, consumption habits and agricultural production. What are the local and global challenges now and in the future? How can sustainable and safe food be provided for all and in sufficient quantities? The following partners support our project:



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