Barth Michael


Name: Ass. Prof. Dr. Michael Barth, Studiendekan Fakultät für Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft 


Phone number: +43 512 507 45834

Office location: FH-244

Tutorial hours: by arrangement

Address: Fürstenweg 176, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria


Research area: Epidemiology of alpine sports, Sports economics

Michael Barth studied Sport Management (Bachelor), Business Administration (Diploma), and Sports and Human Movement Science (Master) at the University of Innsbruck. He further successfully finished the Doctoral Program in Social and Economic Sciences (Dr.rer.soc.oec.) at the University of Innsbruck. He was academic employee at the Chair of Sports Economics and Health Economics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (GER), had a deputy professorship for Sports Development at the Department for Sport Science at the Bundeswehr University Munich (GER), and went then on to be an academic employee at the Department of Sport Science, Economics, and Sociology of Sports at the Saarland University (GER). In 2020 he became Professor of Sports Management at the University of Applied Sciences FH Kufstein Tyrol (AUT). Since 2022 he is Assist. Prof. (tenure track) at the University of Innsbruck.

  • Talent identification and talent development in sports
  • Epidemiology of injuries in alpine ski racing
  • Statistical learning, machine learning
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Teaching at the Department of Sport Science in Innsbruck (ongoing):
  • Freizeit- und Sportökonomik (VU)
  • Freizeit- und Sportökonomik (PS)
  • Sportsoziologie (VO)

Barth, M., Güllich, A., Macnamara, B. N., & Hambrick, D. Z. (2022). Predictors of junior versus senior elite performance are opposite: A systematic review and meta-analysis of participation patterns. Sports Medicine, 52(6), 1399–1416.

Barth, M., Platzer, H.-P., Forstinger, C. A., Innerhofer, G., Giger, A., Schröcksnadel, P., & Nachbauer, W. (2022). In-competition severe injury events in elite alpine ski racing from 1997 to 2020: The case of the Austrian Ski Team. Sports Medicine – Open, 8, 4.

Barth, M. & Güllich, A. (2021). Non-linear association of efficiency of practice of adult elite athletes with their youth multi-sport practice. Journal of Sports Sciences, 39(8), 915–925.

Barth, M., Güllich, A., Forstinger, C. A., Schlesinger, T., Schröder, F., & Emrich, E. (2021). Retirement of professional soccer players – A systematic review from social sciences perspectives. Journal of Sports Sciences, 39(8), 903–914.

Barth, M., Platzer, H.-P., Giger, A., Nachbauer, W., & Schröcksnadel, P. (2021). Acute on-snow severe injury events in elite alpine ski racing from 1997 to 2019: the Injury Surveillance System of the Austrian Ski Federation. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 55(11), 589–595.

Barth, M., Güllich, A., Raschner, C., & Emrich, E. (2020). The path to international medals: A supervised machine learning approach to explore the impact of coach-led sport-specific and non-specific practice. PLOS ONE 15(12), e0244509.

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