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#impaktWISE Social Entrepreneurship Ideation Awards

Participate in the #impaktWISE Awards and get the chance to take your idea to the next level

The #impaktWISE Awards is a competition aiming to shed light on creative and innovative social business model ideas and is aimed at students and early-stage social entrepreneurs.

#impaktWISE is a project initiated by Copenhagen Business School (CBS), founded in the autumn of 2020. This project supports those who want to develop entrepreneurial solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges.

The aim of the project is to help students and early-stage entrepreneurs identify challenges, develop solutions, and provide support to those who are ready to put their ideas into action. We do this by creating a vibrant community, offering in-depth mentoring and provide exciting opportunities through social business model competitions

To submit your idea to the #impaktWISE Awards, you first need to create your project on Babele. This will be the basis for the jury evaluation. Once you have created your project, you can register for the Awards by filling out this survey. 

  Contact person:  Florence Normandin (fn.msc@cbs.dk), Project Manager
Please find more information here

Submit your project before January 20th, 2022, and get the chance to win 3,000 dollars! 

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