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p2i online course - Empowering researchers to innovate

p2i online course - Empowering researchers to innovate

Aurora is about to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise skills: seizing opportunities and seeing them through.

An online course for postdoctoral researchers who want to learn to innovate. A great starting point for those who want to turn research into a venture as well as those who want to apply the mindset and skills in academic and industry careers. Researchers with entrepreneurial skills are highly valued. View course content here and apply here.

Application deadline 12th April

Access to the course opens 19 April 2021.

We will notify successful applicants by latest 16th April 2021

This is a flexible, self directed course to help postdocs from any discipline to develop the mindset, knowledge and skills required to identify and act on ideas and opportunities in careers inside and outside academia, including setting up ventures. You will learn alongside likeminded postdocs from across Europe and will hear from a range of researchers who started a venture. A course certificate is available if all course requirements are met.

This course is a great starting point if you are open to learning to think entrepreneurially, curious about entrepreneurship or ready to take your idea to the next level.

Familiarise yourself with the language, concepts and processes used in the entrepreneurial world, apply these to your ideas and build your confidence and credibility to discuss your (business) ideas with various stakeholders.

Even if you realise that you’re not ready yet or do not want to set up your own venture, you will have gained valuable experience and learnt how to apply the mindset and skills to pursue your career ambitions in or outside academia.

Further information and the content of this course can be found here.


Apply here: www.bitly.ws/c2MU  

This course is available to postdocs from current p2i partner organisations (*)

(*) University of Cambridge, Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Innsbruck, PSL Université Paris, AstraZeneca, bp, University of Edinburgh.

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