Online International Self-Management Training- May 2022

Online International Self-Management Training - May 2022

The Self-Management Training Workshop, offered by the SInAPSi Centre of the Federico II University of Naples, will be starting soon.

Period of criticality and impasse can sometimes cause you to interrupt your goals and undermine your motivation to study creating a slowdown in academic careers. This is particularly evident during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Self-Management is the ability to work effectively towards meaningful goals and to be flexible in the face of setbakcs. This attitude, based on self-awarness, allows you to learn to set realistic goals and reach them independently and, in case you encounter problems along the course of the study, be able to recognize them, seek help and solutions to overcome them.

The group self management training aims to work on the transversal strategic skills: strategies for effective time management, strategies for motivation one’s training and professional project; strategies for achievement goals; strategies for problem solving. The gruop of students will be a space of mirroring and sharing each academic experience and a space to to construct a learning by doing arena.

Below you will find the dates of the next training:

  • 5th    May  at 9,30-11,00 (CET)
  • 12th  May at 9, 30-11,00 (CET)
  • 19th  May at 9,30-11,00 (CET
  • 26th  May at 9,30-11,00 (CET)

Registrations will be open from 7th April 2022 and will close when the maximum number of twelve (12) participants is reached.

  To sign up, please send an e-mail to, specifying your name, surname, nationality, and the name of the university to which you belong, including the course of study.

   The Self-Management Training is free, and it is addressed to all university students of the Aurora Network, regardless of their course of study or year of course.

   The training requires attendees to work for a total of 16 hours, organised as follow: 6 hours of online lessons; 10 hours of individual study. Only 1 absence is permitted. At the end of the training, the students will receive a certificate of attendance, which may be recognized from their home university.

  The event will be held entirely online via Microsoft Teams, on a specific channel called “Sinapsi International - Self Management Training” - Code: frv2a3g


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