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Virtual Lecture Series

CALL - Aurora Societal Challenges Virtual Lecture Series and Early Career Networking Hour

Take the opportunity to meet your peers as well as renowned researchers from the Aurora partner universities. Expand your network and maybe even start new collaborations in your research area!

07 April 2022, 17:00–18:30 CEST
Climate policy and glacier change: the long-term legacy of being late

Dr. Fabien Maussion
Target Group: PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

In these times of climate change, pandemic, forced migration and increasing economic and political alienation, crisis talk is ubiquitous. While the world’s problems are unquestionably urgent, the current discourse of emergency risks aggravating them by privileging quick but ineffective reaction over the calm, reflexive analysis that is a necessary first step in combatting the woes besetting us.

The objective of this lecture series is to provide an antidote to impulsive disaster talk through perceptive academic analysis. Outstanding researchers within the Aurora University Alliance will give engaging online lectures during the 2021–2022 academic year on cutting edge research within two broad domains, Sustainability & Climate Change and Culture: Diversity & Identity.

Each lecture will be followed by a virtual social hour for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers which will allow them to network with peers across the Aurora Alliance and start building the research teams that will deal with the challenges of the future.

  Listen to dynamic online lectures on crucial contemporary issues by distinguished scholars from the Aurora partner universities.

  Meet the speakers and your fellow PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in post-talk virtual mixers.

  Expand your network and perhaps even start new collaborations in your research area!

Full schedule and registration:

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