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EUniverCities Network Meeting Innsbruck, 15.-17.11.2022



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In Europe, the intertwined development of cities and universities is nearly a thousand years old. This physical concentration of citizens in their habitat and the questions they inquire upon in their academic quarter turns university cities into special places and spaces vis-a-vis the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On the one hand, we can see our cities as living laboratories of research and development, of rapid prototyping, and for experiments of participation and conflict resolution on the SDGs. On the other hand, university cities here in Europe provide over a unique history of citoyens, over a precious „civic patina“, in a time where powerful private and particular interests challenge our public spaces and places, goods and services.

In her opening keynote, Verena Ringler likens our university towns to magic gardens of people and ideas. She invites us to take a fresh look at our local voices and networks, resources and hidden champions. She is convinced that our cities are well placed as avantgarde towards the SDGs when the city and the university cooperate and devote as much attention, time and resources to formats of co-creation and cross-fertilization as they place on the technical elements of the climate agenda (e.g. mobility, energy).

A cross-sectoral innovator and alumnae of Innsbruck University herself, Verena spent many years abroad, e.g. in Essen, Pristina, and Washington D.C. She now returned to her hometown to include societal and cultural perspectives into pathways to sustainability and, through her studies and projects, to ultimately help „bring ideas to power.“ (Picture: © Peter Mayr)

Clickhereto watch the videostatement by Verena Ringler.

EUniverCities Meeting Innsbruck:
Tackling “Urban Sustainable Development”

From 15 to 17 November 2022, Innsbruckwill host the next EUniverCities network meeting. The three-day event tackles the issue of “Urban Sustainable Development” through the lens of city-university cooperation and will, apart from showcasing local best practices, stimulate discussions on challenges and opportunities in different topical clusters of urban sustainable development. 

Contributing to the achievement of the SDGs is an integral part of the EUniverCities network's ambition. The UniverCity's influence on sustainable urban development is manifold and the Innsbruck meeting will particularly focus on the topical clusters of Clean Energy, Sustainable Housing & Communities, Sustainable Mobility & Transportation and Urban Planning.

The meeting aims particularly at the following target groups: Sustainability Coordinators within universities and cities; academics, experts and political representatives within the topical clusters; members of university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and municipal funding services; as well as students active in sustainability initiatives at their universities.



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If you are from one of the network's member tandem and are interested in participating, please consult your local network coordinator for all further details.  

Please contact  Cornelia.Koessler@magibk.at |   +43 (690) 6020 0007  or  thomas.baumgartner@uibk.ac.at |  +43 (0) 512 507 2008 for any further information on the programme or logistics.

For matters regarding accessibility and sustainability throughout the event, please contact  lorenzo.rieg@uibk.ac.at | +43 (0) 512 507 9099

If you have any questions on the registration procedure please contact the  Secretariat EUniverCities.

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