ein Schwarz-Weiß Portrait von Michael Vierhauser

The Depart­ment of Com­pu­ter Science wel­co­mes Dr. Michael Vier­hau­ser

Michael Vierhauser's research focuses on Runtime Monitoring and Safety Assurance, with a particular focus on Cyber-Physical Systems.
He is interested in developing new approaches and processes for creating and maintaining safety artifacts, such as Safety Assurance Cases, for robotic applications and drone systems, and combining static safety assurance techniques with information collected from the systems at runtime. Utilizing this information can help to detect deviations from expected system behavior, and ultimately mitigate potentially hazardous situations when these systems interact with humans.
Michael Vierhauser received his PhD in Computer Science from the Johannes Kepler University Linz in 2016. After finishing his PhD, he was awarded an Erwin Schroedinger Fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund, and spent two years as a visiting researcher at the University of Notre Dame, USA, with Prof. Jane Cleland-Huang, before returning to the Johannes Kepler University Linz, where he was a Senior Researcher at the Secure and Correct Systems Lab until 2023.

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