Industry & Institutional Partnerships

The Innsbruck Doctoral College is dedicated to forging a synergistic partnership between academia, industry, and public institutions. Our goal is to facilitate a dynamic collaboration that drives forward the transition to circular systems and products, offering a unique platform for organizations to engage directly with cutting-edge research and innovation.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Direct Impact on Research:
    Joining the Innsbruck Doctoral College as an Industry & Institutional partner enables your organization to engage directly in groundbreaking research, addressing your unique sustainability and circularity challenges, and advancing your business.
  • Talent Development:
    Send your talented employees to participate in our three-year PhD program at the University of Innsbruck. They will gain unparalleled access to university resources, research seminars, and the collective expertise of the Innsbruck Doctoral College, all while continuing to contribute to your organizational goals.
  • Access to Innovative Solutions:
    Engage in a two-way exchange of knowledge and data, compliant with confidentiality guidelines, to foster the development of innovative circular economy projects. PhD students will work on real-world cases, generating actionable insights and solutions for your organization.
  • Flexible Participation and Funding Options:
    Organizations can maintain an employment relationship with participating PhD students, with flexible terms to suit your needs. Alternatively, students can be supported through third-party funding positions, facilitated by the organization, to work on projects that align with your strategic objectives.

By partnering with the Innsbruck Doctoral College, your organization not only contributes to the pivotal shift towards a more sustainable future but also invests in the growth of your employees and the development of innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Let's collaborate to make a difference.

For more details, please reach out to our co-speakers.

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