Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Robert Steiger

Robert Steiger

Department of Public Finance
Faculty of Economics and Statistics

Universität Innsbruck
Universitätsstraße 15
6020 Innsbruck

Robert Steiger is Associate Professor at the Department of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck. His research interests are in the field of sustainable tourism development, regional economics, behavioral economics (tourist behavior) and climate change impacts on tourism. He has worked on climate change and tourism for over 10 years and has contributed to the national Climate Change Assessments of Austria (APCC) and Switzerland (CH2014), the Special Report on Climate Change and Tourism (SR19) in Austria, and the Second Climate Change Assessments of Austria (AAR2). He is Co-Chair of the Climate, Tourism and Recreation Commission of the International Society of Biometeorology. He is also lead expert of the international Tourism Panel on Climate Change (TPCC). Since 2023 he is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

His major research interest is sustainable tourism development in mountain areas, climate change impact assessments and adaptation. He has worked with choice experiments, surveys, agent-based models and he has developed a physically-based ski season simulation model (SkiSim). With these methods, climate change risks of tourism markets and individual destinations can be assessed. Market-wide analyses were conducted for a number of relevant ski destinations in the world, including Austria, Switzerland, Southern Germany, Northern Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern North America (Canada & US) and China (see Publications). Despite regional differences, projections for most markets show that climate change will become a challenge for some destinations, while at the same time declining snow reliability might also bring opportunities for destinations with a more favorable climate. Therefore, climate change risk evaluations are important for a sustainable tourism development. With his research, he wants to improve the knowledge of climate change impacts on the tourism industry and to provide climate change risk analyses for tourism businesses and regions.

Curriculum Vitae

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Publications 2024


  • Burton, A., Fritz, O., Steiger, R. (2024). Herausforderungen des alpinen Wintertourismus in Österreich. WIFO Monatsberichte 3/2024, S. 165-176
  • Fang, Y., Scott, D., Steiger. R. (2024). Assessing potential impacts of climate change on China’s ski season length: a data-constrained approach. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. doi: 10.1007/s00704-024-05075-6
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  • Ojijo, C. R., & Steiger, R. (2024). Residents’ preferences for tourism development in a protected area: a choice experiment. Tourism Review. doi:10.1108/TR-10-2023-0713 
  • Scott, D., Steiger, R. (2024). How climate change is damaging the US ski industry. Scott, D., & Steiger, R. (2024). Current Issues in Tourism, doi:10.1080/13683500.2024.2314700

Publications 2023


  • Gössling, S.; Neger, C.; Steiger, R.; Bell, R. (2023). Weather, climate change, and transport: a review. Natural Hazards, doi: 10.1007/s11069-023-06054-2
  • Knowles, N.; Scott, D.; Steiger, R. (2023). Sustainability of snowmaking as climate change (mal)adaptation: an assessment of water, energy, and emissions in Canada’s ski industry. Current Issues in Tourism, doi: 10.1080/13683500.2023.2214358.
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  • Steiger, R.; Graiff, L.; Peters, M.; Schnitzer, M. (2023). The COVID-19 pandemic and leisure providers—Challenges, opportunities and adaptation strategies for ski area operators in Austria. Frontiers in Sustainable Tourism, Vol 2, 2023. doi: 10.3389/frsut.2023.1136163

Books/Book Chapters

  • Peters, M.; Steiger, R. (2023). The Covid-19 Pandemic and its Influence on Austria's Tourism Industry. In: Landry, M., Rupnow, D. (Eds.) "COVID-19  and Pandemics in Austrian History", Contemporary Austrian Studies, Vol. 32, Innsbruck: IUP, pp. 193-212

Publications 2022


  • Scott, D., Knowles, N., & Steiger, R. (2022). Is snowmaking climate change maladaptation? Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1–22. doi:10.1080/09669582.2022.2137729
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  • Vorkauf, M., Steiger, R., Abegg, B., & Hiltbrunner, E. (2022). Snowmaking in a warmer climate: an in-depth analysis of future water demands for the ski resort Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis (Switzerland) in the twenty-first century. International Journal of Biometeorology. doi:10.1007/s00484-022-02394-z

Publications 2021


  • Huber, L., Posch, E., Bell, R., Höferl, K. M., Steiger, R., Stotten, R., Tasser, E., Leitinger, G. (2021). Two Perspectives – One Goal: Resilience Research in Protected Mountain Regions. eco.mont, 13(2), 8–16. doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-13-2s12
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  • Scott, D., Steiger, R., Rutty, M., Knowles, N., Rushton, B., (2021). Future climate change risk in the US Midwestern ski industry. Tourism Management Perspectives 40, 100875. 10.1016/j.tmp.2021.100875
  • Steiger, R., Peters, M., Redl, M., Schnitzer, M., (2021.) Die COVID-19 Pandemie als Treiber von Innovationen in der Tourismusbranche? Ein Fallbeispiel der niederösterreichischen Bergbahnen. Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft 13 (3), 405–422. 10.1515/tw-2021-0030

Books/Book Chapters:

  • Posch, E.L., Höferl, K.M., Steiger, R., Bell, R. (2021). Chapter 4.2 - Another take on reframing resilience as agency: The agency toward resilience (ATR) model, in: Santos, P.P., Chmutina, K., Meding, J. von, Raju, E. (Eds.), Understanding Disaster Risk. Elsevier, pp. 239–255.
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Publications 2020


  • Dannevig, H., Gildestad, I.M., Steiger, R., Scott, D., (2020). Adaptive capacity of ski resorts in Western Norway to projected changes in snow conditions. Current Issues in Tourism, 1–16. 10.1080/13683500.2020.1865286.
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Books/Book Chapters

  • Knowles, N., Scott, D., Steiger, R. (2020). Winter sports and climate change. In: Dingle, G., Mallen, C. (Hrsg.): Sport and Environmental Sustainability (pp. 140-162). New York and London: Routledge.
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Publications 2019


  • Falk, M., & Steiger, R. (2019). Size facilitates profitable ski lift operations. Tourism Economics (Web link)
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Books/Book Chapters:

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Publications 2018


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Books/Book Chapters

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Publications 2017


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Books/Book Chapters

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Publications 2016


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Books/Book Chapters

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Publications until 2015


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Books/Book Chapters

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