Venue & Accomodation

The LC Meeting 2024 will take place at the Bildungsinstitut Grillhof.

For a relaxed and more enjoyable conference experience, we can offer a budget-friendly accomodation directly at the conference venue and encourage participants to make use of this opportunity! 


First come - first serve! 

You can request a single or double room in the registration form. Double room bookings mean that you book one spot in a room for two people, who will sleep in adjacent single beds in the same room. If you already know with whom you would like to share a double room you can indicate this persons name in the registration form.

Rooms at the Grillhof conference venue will be booked at a first come – first serve basis. We will confirm via email if your room request was successful after the registration for the conference closes. Those not able to stay at Grillhof directly will be able to make use of a contingent of reserved hotel rooms (more details on this then also in the follow-up email). Payments for the rooms at Grillhof will be made by the individual participants at Grillhof at the end of their stay. Booking as well as payments of the hotel rooms will be made by the individual participants with the respective hotels.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email: LCMeeting ‘at’

Prices at Grillhof

Overnight stay with regional breakfast buffet: 
Single room Euros 84,00 per person
Comfort twin room Euros 72,00 per person

You pay the accomodation on site.

Prices are per night and include all taxes as well as free parking. 

Arrival Sunday

For people who arrive on Sunday: the check-in is only possible until 7 pm. Later arrivals check-in the next morning.

Should you arrive later, please inform the "Bildungsinstitut Grillhof".

How to get to Grillhof

To get to the Grillhof please use the bus line J to go to the bus stop in Vill Dorfstraße

From there it is a 15minute walk to the Grillhof up a steep hill. Please consider taking a cab (+43 512 5311) in case going up hills is difficult for you.


How to get to Innsbruck

 By train and bus:

Please book tickets at your preferred railway company (the Austrian one is ÖBB or Westbahn) to “Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof” (Hbf), you will be able to reach all destinations in the city center by foot or by public transport within a few minutes.

There are also bus connections from and to Innsbruck. Please see: Flixbus


By car (Note: a motorway vignette is necessary for Austria):

Munich – Kufstein (A 12) – Innsbruck
Vienna – Salzburg – Kufstein (A 12) – Innsbruck
Switzerland – Arlberg – Landeck (A 12) – Innsbruck
Italy – Brenner (A 13) – Innsbruck

Carpools help to protect the environment!


By plane:

Innsbruck (INN) has an international airport and frequent connections to Vienna (VIE) and Frankfurt (FRA) airport. The airport is located ca. 10-15 minutes away from the city centre.

Alternatively you can fly into Vienna (VIE), Zurich (ZRH) or Munich (MUC) international airport which are a 5, 4 or 2 hour (quite scenic) train ride away, respectively.

Airport transfer f.e. via Four Seasons Travel


What if I need a visa to come to the conference in Innsbruck?

Visa processing requires a certain amount of time. Participants in need of a visa are advised to submit their applications at least 1-2 months before their intended departure to Innsbruck.

Austria is a member of the Schengen Zone, and certain situations may necessitate a visa. To obtain one, individuals can apply at the Austrian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in their country of residence.

Individuals planning to enter Austria must furnish the necessary documentation to substantiate the purpose and duration of their stay. Additionally, specific cases may require proof of sufficient financial means and accommodation. Visa applications, when applicable, can be submitted to the Austrian Diplomatic and Consular Representations in the individual's country of residence.

Information from the Austrian Government

You can check here if you need a visa

If you are from the EU:

Citizens of EU member states, the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland do not need a visa to enter the Republic of Austria.

If you are from the UK:

Holders of British passports don’t need a visa for touristic travel, visiting friends and family, or business travel (without gainful work in Austria) for up to 90 days in the Schengen area within a rolling 180-day period. Source

If you need a visa:

The Schengen visa C is intended for touristic, business, or visiting purposes (without gainful employment) for a maximum stay of 90 days per 180 days.

 US, Australian, and Canadian passport holders do not require a visa in order to enter Austria.


The Conference Committee cannot assume any liability regarding the completeness or correctness of the information given on this page. Please contact your local Austrian embassy for more information.

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