Key Dates & Registration

The LC Meeting 2024 will take place on September 9th to 11th 2024 in Innsbruck, Austria. 

Registration and Abstract submission open from 05.03.2024 to 15.04.2024.

Extended deadline: abstract submission until 30th April.

To register, you need to (in this order):

  1. Create a user account (using this link here) in the ConfTool
  2. Register for the conference (using this link here)
  3. Submit an abstract and Methods chat contribution / interest 

     (using this link here)

You can of course also join the LC meeting without submitting an abstract /making a contribution. In this case, you would only need to register. Please note, that if you participate without a contribution, registration fees still apply.  

In any case, your meeting registration is only effective once we have received the registration fee. 


Registration Fees

  • Registration Senior (PI, Prof) € 410
  • Registration Junior (Student, PhD, postdoc) € 330
  • Registration Online € 90


What's included in the registration fee?

  • Coffee breaks before and after lunch
  • Lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Dinner on Monday

Additional Options

Conference Dinner € 70

Conference Dinner vegan € 60


Includes a 3 course menu at the Restaurant 'Wilder Mann'

Afternoon at the Patscherkofel (walk / cable car), Wednesday 11.09.2024, 2 pm


Cable car to the restaurant at the Patscherkofel "Das Kofel"

Costs: Cable car appr. € 27 per person +  your drinks/food at the restaurant

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