Program information

Preliminary program:

Please note that session topics and speaker allocations might be different in the final program. The final program will be released here once registration is complete.

The first two days (Monday 9.9 and Tuesday 10.9.2024) will feature presentations on the following topics:

Links between neuromodulatory decline and protein pathologies in neurodegenerative conditions

-> With – among others - contributions from Heidi Jacobs (Harvard Medical School / Maastricht University), David Weinshenker (Emory University), and Anne Berry (Brandeis University)

Characterising brainstem nuclei with neuromelanin- and iron-sensitive imaging

-> With – among others - contributions from Evgeniya Kirilina (MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences), Paula Trujillo (Vanderbilt University), Luigi Zecca (CNR - Institute for Biomedical Technologies, Milan)

Brainstem imaging in neurodegenerative conditions

-> With – among others - contributions from Xiaoping Hu (University of Chicago), Martina D’Agostini (KU Leuven), Lucia Penalba (University of Magdeburg), Miquel Vila (Vall d’Hebron Research Institute)

Assessing and altering neuromodulation in neurodegenerative conditions

-> With – among others - contributions from James Rowe (University of Cambridge), Paresh Malhotra, (Imperial College London), and Claire O’Callaghan (University of Sidney)

LC function in animal models

-> With – among others - contributions from Oxana Eschenko (MPI for Biological Cybernetics), Yaroslav Sych (University of Strasbourg), Valerio Zerbi (EPFL Lausanne), Rebecca Jordan (Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel), Eric Morrow (MCB Brown University)

Brainstem and subcortical atlases 

-> With – among others - contributions from Marta Bianciardi (Harvard) and Anneke Alkemade (Amsterdam University)

Vagus nerve stimulation

-> With – among others - contributions from Mareike Ludwig (University of Magdeburg) and Matthias Prigge (Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg)

Physiological functions of the brainstem (in particular sleep regulation and heart rate variability)

-> With – among others - contributions from Gilles Vandewalle (ULiège), Mara Mather (USC Davis), Sara Mednick, (UC Irvine), Kathy Liu (University College London), Monica Betta (IMT, Lucca)

On the last day (Wednesday 11.9.2024), we will have a ‘Methods chats’ session in the morning.

This will be an informal opportunity to exchange on the ‘expertise behind the methods section’ and get an introduction to relevant methods for brainstem research from the experts. A contribution to the methods chat is optional. If you would like to contribute, please indicate in the methods chats submission on which method/tool you would like to present. You can also indicate there which topics would be interesting for you to learn more about.

-> So far, we have contributions on:

How to generate automatic LC segmentations (Max Dünnwald, Magdeburg University)

How to precisely coregister brainstem imaging data (Yeo-Jin Yi, Magdeburg University)

7Tesla acquisition / analyses methods for the brainstem (Marta Bianciardi, Harvard)

GRAB Noradrenaline sensor recordings in mice (Yaroslav Sych, University of Strasbourg).

The meeting ends after lunch on Wednesday 11.9.2024. For those interested, we organise a walk / cable car to the Patscherkofel.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to email: LCMeeting ‘at’

To register your contribution for the main meeting, please click here.

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