American Corner Innsbruck

    The American Corner Innsbruck is ...

    ... an institution unique in Austria, sponsored and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Vienna. The goals of the American Corner Innsbruck (ACI) are to enhance and strengthen ties between the United States and Austria by:

    • offering information about and help with study and research at U.S. universities
    • organizing public lectures and other events on these and other topics
    • providing access for the public to informational material about the U.S..

    On Tuesday, 29th January 2013, the Campusradio of the University of Innsbruck (in cooperation with Welle 1) conducted an interview with the ACI director Ass.-Prof. Dr. Margaret F. Davidson. Click here to listen to the full interview! 


    The "American Corner Innsbruck" is an information platform for the public, students, and university staff members interested in American studies and issues related to the United States.

    The basic idea of the American Corner Innsbruck is the cooperation with people from various disciplines working in the field of American Studies, like medicine, law, business, management, history, geography, political science, etc.

    The American Corner Innsbruck was established through the support of the US Embassy in Vienna and Washington DC. It is anchored at the Department of American Studies at the University of Innsbruck.

    As an institution, the American Corner Innsbruck is unique in Austria; its alignment is unique in the world.



    • information about a variety of aspects concerning the USA
    • contact to a pool of national and international experts from multiple disciplines working in the field of American Studies
    • information about possibilities for student and staff exchange with academic institutions in the United States; support in application procedures
    • public and free events, like lectures, discussions, film viewings, exhibitions, etc.
    • a library with extensive holdings of books and journals
    • computer access for research

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    • private and public sponsors and partners ready to support the American Corner Innsbruck
    • people who contribute to the aims of the American Corner Innsbruck with ideas and manpower



    Herzog Friedrich Straße 3, 1. Stock
    6020 Innsbruck, Austria

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    American Corner Innsbruck
    University of Innsbruck
    Herzog Friedrich Straße 3, 1. Stock
    6020 Innsbruck, Austria
    T +43 512 507-32808, F +43 512 507-2879