Who will be granted a second chance?


Bus Stop: Landesmuseum  


A second chance for Frau Hitt!

A woman who negates what it means to be alive with her heart of stone? The Faculty of Education brings Frau Hitt back to life and asks the following question: How can social conditions and structures be changed to allow as many people as possible to lead a successful life? Frau Hitt is brought back to life in 3D animations. Different artistic performances on site will transform the tram stop into a stage.

Animations by Martina Tscherni

Once upon a time, Frau Hitt was a giant, the land was intact and everything was undivided; then she became the ruler, granting neither protection nor gifts to the people and her son paid no attention to the danger. The iniquity was sure to follow: the beggar woman was mocked. As punishment Frau Hitt is turned into stone. Since then she has been sitting high above Innsbruck as a memorial. Frau Hitt gets a second chance by forgiving, blessing and being revived by compassion, while her son sobers up and responsibly plants the fields for all. Now everyone is cared for in solidarity and the modest can live together in peace.

The rewriting of this story is illustrated in the videos of the artist Martina Tscherni: the image inserts itself in front of the real mountain and begins to crumble until only its outline remains, which creates surprises. Forms, figures and structures of plants, animals, humans and stone emerge in twist and turns from the outline, jumping and falling from it. In the middle of it all, the rider with her child on a horse briefly becomes visible. She has set off on her way, she flies and blooms, nourishes and gives, wanders, dances and returns again and again to her ancestral place — transformed, like him.

  Faculty of Educational Sciences

Image: © Martina Tscherni 2019

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