The goal of the teaching staff of the work area is to provide students with a comprehensive education in transportation. Special attention is paid to the knowledge of system interrelationships and the relation to practice. In the sense of sustainable solutions and a sustainable design of mobility and transport, special consideration is also given to limited resources in terms of space, environment and energy and to economic efficiency.

Lehre Strassenbau und Verkehrsplanung

Bachelorstudium - Bau- und Umweltingenieurwissenschaften - Modul Verkehr

In the bachelor's degree program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, the module "Traffic" teaches the fundamentals in the areas of traffic planning, traffic engineering, traffic management and in the planning, construction and operation of road and rail infrastructures. In exercise work, the theoretical knowledge is applied in an exemplary and practice-oriented manner.

Modul Verkehr

Infrastruktur Straße - VO2, 2,5 ECTS

Verkehrsplanung - VO2, 2,5 ETCS

Infrastruktur Straße - UE2, 2,5 ECTS

Infrastruktur Schiene - VO2, 2,5 ETCS

Infrastruktur Schiene - UE2, 2,5 ETCS


Lehre Eisenbahnwesen und Öffentlicher Verkehr

Masterstudium - Umweltingenieurwissenschaften

Within the framework of the master's degree program in environmental engineering, the above-mentioned subject areas can be deepened, expanded and supplemented. The modules offered enable the acquisition of in-depth knowledge of the interactions between transport and land use and the impact on the environment. They impart competences in traffic planning, traffic engineering and traffic management, in public transport and freight traffic, in railroad engineering as well as in road construction and maintenance. They enable students to solve railroad and road engineering problems, also with regard to operation and maintenance management, and provide competence in the planning, construction and operation of high-performance railroads and freight transport systems.

In further compulsory and elective modules, both traffic planning and traffic engineering aspects (e.g. traffic models, performance of nodes, coordination of traffic signals, telematics in traffic, mobility behavior, traffic concepts, urban planning strategies, push-and-pull measures, traffic calming) are studied in depth, as well as issues of road construction and maintenance (e.g. pavement management systems as well as traffic management systems). In addition, questions of road construction and maintenance (e.g. pavement management systems) as well as topics of railroad operation (e.g. performance of railroad junctions and lines, permanent way maintenance, construction while maintaining railroad operation especially in bridge construction, timetable design as well as safety engineering with signal system and interlocking technology, requirements for railroad tunnels and questions of tunnel safety) are dealt with in detail.

Further lectures deal in the field of public transport with the planning of public transport systems and interconnection points, in the field of high-speed transport with the topics of planning, operations control technology, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, magnetic levitation technology and tilting technology, and in the field of freight transport with combined transport and container transport by rail, road and ship. A separate lecture is also dedicated to ropeway construction, dealing with ropeway systems, rope stress, drive and braking devices, design of ropeways and stations, line structures, vehicles, safety devices and recovery.

Masterstudium - Bauingenieurwissenschaften

With this specialization offer, students of the Master's program in Civil Engineering who want to work in the transport sector in the future, e.g. in planning and construction of transport facilities, can also acquire the corresponding competences within the scope of the elective options.

Wahlmodul UVW 1-3: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 1-3

Verkehr und Umwelt - VU2, 2,5 ETCS

Verkehr und Raumnutzung - VU2, 2,5 ETCS

Wahlmodul UVW 1-4: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 1-4

Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

Öffentlicher Verkehr - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

Wahlmodul UVW 2-3: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 2-3

Eisenbahnbau - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

Straßenbau und Straßenerhaltung - VO2, 2,5 ETCS

Wahlmodul UVW 2-4: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 2-4

Güterverkehr - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

Hochleistungsbahnen - VO2, 2,5 ECTS

Wahlmodul UVW 3-3: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 3-3

Verkehrsmanagement und Telematik - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

Wahlmodul UVW 3-5: Umwelttechnik und Verkehrswesen 3-5

UVW-AK 2 - VU2, 2,5 ECTS

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