University of Innsbruck


Corporate Employee Benefits
at the Universität Innsbruck 



Austrian universities have been separated from the Austrian Federal Administration since 2004, but they are still financed by taxpayers' money. For this reason, they have – more than private enterprises – the obligation to use the budget available to make a significant contribution to society.

The University of Innsbruck's primary contribution to society is to generate research results and to teach both subject-specific and methodical knowledge. In doing so, the University of Innsbruck contributes to the technological as well as economic progress and to the international reputation of the region. However, this contribution to society also includes the provision of creating attractive jobs for the people in the region.

Thy is why the Development Plan 2010+ of the University of Innsbruck states the objective to offer its employees not only secure jobs that are independent of economic trends, but also interesting occupational challenges and possibilities for professional and personal development.

On the following pages, you will be able to find details about corresponding benefits.

Please be aware that all voluntary corporate employee benefits offered by the University depend on the availability of the necessary financial means; for this reason, the University of Innsbruck reserves the right to discontinue the different offers.



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